Why not join us on one of our half-day workshops?

Take some time out to reflect, evaluate and move forward with confidence. All of our workshops have a limited number of places so book early to avoid disappointment.

January 6th 2018: Reconnect, Rediscover. A workshop to start the new year positively. Relax after busy-ness of the Christmas season and reconnect with your mind and body. Look towards spring – the time for change and growth – through guided meditation, to rediscover who you are and who you want to be. Understand how to balance your Seishin elements to maintain equilibrium. See how Think Less Transformation can help you achieve your goals. FULLY BOOKED.

February 17th 2018: Discover Your Ikigai.  Why do the inhabitants of Okinawa, an island in southern Japan, live longer than people anywhere else in the world? There are far more people over 100 years old than the global average. As well as living longer, they suffer from fewer chronic illnesses, enjoy enviable levels of vitality, have a slower rate of cellular aging, experience milder menopause symptoms, and have low rates of dementia. This is in part down to diet and exercise, but owes a lot to understanding and living their Ikigai. YOU can apply the essence of Ikigai to your life. If you are ready to find your reason to get out of bed in the morning, to live a life of purpose, and boost your health and longevity, join us for Discover Your Ikigai. ONLY 8 SPACES AVAILABLE – ALL TAKEN.

March 10th 2018: I’m Still Me. A workshop designed for women who have found the transition to motherhood challenging. The arrival of a baby can turn your world upside down. Many women are starting families later than they did in the past. More career and travel opportunities mean that ‘settling down’ is something you do when you have experienced what the world has to offer. There is often a clash between the generations about what motherhood ‘should’ be, leaving many modern women in an emotional and confusing place that is trying to be all things to all people. Some women experience a loss of identity during maternity leave and struggle with loneliness. This workshop is designed to give you some ‘grown up’ time to relax, to reconnect with yourself, and reaffirm your self-worth. FULLY BOOKED.

April 21st 2018: You Can Let Go. A workshop designed to help say goodbye to whatever is holding you back, allowing you to move forward feeling lighter. Perhaps there is a past relationship that you are not completely over, or a mistake that you made that still haunts you, maybe a decision that leaves you wondering ‘What if..?’ This workshop allows you to ‘Let Go’ without having to disclose the weight you carry to anybody else. We will look at how to balance your Seishin elements and leave you with techniques for learning from the past without bringing the past with us. ONLY 2 SPACES REMAINING.

May 13th 2018: Imposter Syndrome. A workshop aimed at people who find themselves waiting to be ‘found out’. Do you feel as though you have succeeded or reached a position through nothing more than good luck? Do you wait nervously for somebody to realise that you are not actually good at what you do, or that your exam grades were just a fluke?  Many highly qualified and successful people go through life wondering how on earth they did it, waiting for the inevitable failure. If this is you, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. Learn more about this and how you can overcome these feelings through guided visualisation, metaphor and Think Less Acceptance techniques. 15 PLACES REMAINING.


September 2018: Into the World. A special workshop designed for young adults about to start University. This can be a difficult transition, perhaps leaving home for the first time, making new friends, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Going to University is a wonderful adventure which most graduates will tell you was the best time of their lives. This workshop will give you the tools you need to overcome anxiety, boost your confidence, deal with home-sickness, and build self-efficacy to promote positive mental health.

Workshops are individually priced depending on length. See ticketing website for specific events. 

Audio CDs and personal workbooks are available to buy at the end of each workshop.