Weight management

Are you overweight?

Have you tried and failed countless times to lose weight?

Are your stuck in the yo-yo of diet, give in, guilt, repeat?

Hypnotherapy can help you develop a positive relationship with nutrition and exercise, which helps you keep that weight off.

Diets and food plans focus on what, when and how much you eat. This is, of course, an important part of losing weight. Hypnotherapy works to change how you feel about food and eating, shifting your thinking patterns and controlling cravings in a satisfying way.

The physical reasons for losing excess weight are clear, but carrying excess weight can have huge social and psychological implications too. A person who is overweight may experience feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy, which can have a knock-on affect on careers, relationships and everyday activities. Hypnotherapy looks into the emotional side of eating and uncovers the root cause of overeating.

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Hypnotherapy can work for you!

Comfort eating. Binge eating. Mindless eating. Banning foods. Not exercising. Ditch it! Using a range of techniques, hypnotherapy can leave you in full control of your eating, with a positive relationship towards food and exercise, and an increased self-confidence and sense of self-awareness that can be truly life-changing. I offer 3 programmes to suit different needs:

  • Intensive programme: 4 sessions close together to really kick-start your weight loss journey.
  • Accountability programme: 5 sessions, combining 2 starter sessions with 3  further appointments to keep you focused, motivated and explore issues as they arise.
  • Resilience programme: 8 sessions designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off. This programme begins with 2 starter sessions and then gives you the flexibility to use your remaining sessions to keep you going as and when you feel they would be of most benefit. Maybe at regular monthly intervals or at short notice as the need arises.

Whichever programme you choose, the support is there.

Join forces with a friend

We all know how hard it is to reach our goals alone. Why not share your sessions with a buddy and enjoy a 10% reduction on the cost of the programme? Starting a journey like weight-loss is much easier when there is an element of friendly accountability. Find out which programme is right for you by contacting me today.

Call or email for further information: 07947 359747       seishinhypno@gmail.com