Stopping smoking

Are you fully aware of the health risks of smoking but finding it hard to quit?

Have you tried to stop smoking before using every method you can think of?

You can have freedom from this habit and a new lease of life using smoking-cessation hypnotherapy!

Giving up smoking is hard; nobody can deny that. It is a challenge which, for many, requires more than just willpower. As a hypnotherapist with a further qualification in smoking cessation therapy, I can help you look at why you want to give up and guide you towards changing your perspective. By breaking the thought patterns which prevent you from successfully quitting and building new routines, many people find hypnotherapy an effective treatment. Hypnotherapy can use your unconscious mind to reduce your cravings, keep motivated, and enjoy the benefits of being a non-smoker:

Better breathing – longer life expectancy – more money – improved immune system – younger looking skin

It’s a no-brainer!

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Some people find that just one session is enough to kick-start their journey as a non-smoker, either on its own or with other strategies such as nicotine replacement patches. For others, I have developed two ‘stop smoking’ packages. The first package offers an initial hypnotherapy session to get you started, followed by two support sessions to keep you on track. The second package offers support for up to 4 months. Whatever your need, we can work together to build a programme which is right for you.

Like many habits and addictions, it can be easier to give up with support. Why not share your journey with your spouse or partner? Working together to keep each other motivated and accountable reduces the challenge.

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