Anxiety and panic attacks

We all experience stress at some point in our lives and, most of the time, it comes and goes. The situation may changeshutterstock anxiety to remove the cause of the stress, but usually it is our response to the stress and the way we deal with it which allows us to cope with what life throws at us.

Sometimes, though, the feeling persists and we can become anxious. You may not even be able to pin down why you feel anxious at times but may experience some of the following psychological and physiological symptoms:

  • Feeling out of control                                                                                               Faster heart rate
  • Imagining bad things will happen                                                                       Shaking or feeling like jelly
  • Feeling that you are being looked at                                                                Dizziness
  • Not quite feeling part of the world                                                                   Difficulty breathing
  • Being over-alert and ‘on edge’                                                                            Hyperventilating
  • Believing yourself or others to be sick                                                            Muscle tension
  • Wondering ‘what if..?’                                                                                               Choking or tight-chested feeling
  • Feeling that you are being judged                                                                     Feeling hot, flushing or sweating

Panic attacks can sometimes occur as a result of anxiety. These are sudden and severe reactions which have physical symptoms such as hyperventilating, shaking, nausea and palpitations. It is important to know that panic attacks are short-lived – lasting only a few minutes – and will not cause harm. Sometimes, the fear of having a panic attack can feel worse than the attack itself, adding to the existing anxiety and leading to people withdrawing from social situations and activities ‘just in case’. This is a vicious circle which needs to be broken away from.

It may feel as though you are tied up inside anxiety and panic attacks with no way out but there is. Hypnotherapy and mind coaching can help you work with your anxiety in a safe environment and give you the tools and strategies to reframe how you respond to anxious thoughts and triggers. It is possible to free yourself from these symptoms and prevent panic attacks before they happen.

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