Interview and exam nerves

Does the thought of an interview panel fill you with dread?

Are your palms sweating over upcoming exams?

Are you worried that your knowledge or experience will leave you when you need it most?

Hypnotherapy can build your self-belief and give you the tools to take control.

Interview and exam nerves can affect people of any age. It doesn’t matter how much you have revised for a test or that you are made for the job, it is a nerve-wracking experience and panic can set in. It is a natural experience. Whilst some people use the feeling as a motivator, many find it overwhelming which may result in lowered performance.

shutterstock exam stress

Preparing for an exam or an interview is not just about how much you know or how experienced you are, but about how you approach the situation mentally. You are more likely to reach your potential if you are calm, focused and confident. Tapping into this frame of mind is something which can be learned and mastered.

Hypnotherapy can work to control the nerves and boost confidence. A variety of techniques can help you to feel ready for the challenge and will give you the tools to use in any situation where those feelings surface.

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