Tick … tick … tick…

Do you spend nights lying awake, staring at the ceiling, willing yourself to sleep?

Are millions of thoughts stopping you from switching off?

Have you forgotten when you last felt completely rested?

Hypnotherapy can help you break the cycle and rediscover a restful sleep.

Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health and something we cannot do without as it is the body’s time to heal and repair itself, and to process the information received during the day. There are a number of potential issues arising from lack of sleep, from inability to concentrate and low levels of energy, to obesity and high blood pressure.

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Insomnia is difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep long enough to feel refreshed in the morning. Most of us have experienced the effects of disturbed sleep at one time or another but, with insomnia, this is a frequent occurrence.




It is important, if you are experiencing regular insomnia, to speak to your GP to rule out any underlying physical cause. Medication may be offered to help break the cycle and, for many, this may solve the problem completely. For others, however, insomnia can be a recurring issue and hypnotherapy can help to identify the      underlying issue and work to overcome the insomnia.

If you have been experiencing insomnia for some time, the disturbed sleep pattern can become part of your subconscious expectation. Hypnotherapy for insomnia aims to replace the troublesome subconscious thoughts with positive suggestion to break the cycle. Through hypnotherapy, I will work with you to find the root cause of the insomnia and use techniques to help you relax into a natural sleep pattern. I will also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can take with you the tools you need to maintain a positive sleep pattern.

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