Fears and phobias

Do you have a fear or phobia which is preventing you from living your life to the full?

Would you like your fear or phobia dealt with quickly?

Hypnotherapy can help you feel calm and in control, and able to live without limits.

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Phobias are not something we are born with; they are a learned behaviour. This is great news because it means that they can be unlearned!

Some level of fear can be healthy and rational because it keeps us from danger. It is our brain’s natural response for survival.  When a threat is perceived, the fight, flight, freeze response kicks in and adrenaline is released into our system, which can lead to sweating, blushing, a racing heart, trembling and nausea. If you have experienced fear in the face of a stimulus or trauma, just the very thought of this fear can prompt a physical response. This then reinforces the brain’s feeling of fear and legitimises the source of fear. A fear can become a phobia when it begins to control us and make us think that the stimulus is something to be scared of, even if it is irrational. The vicious circle seems never-ending.

People with phobias often go to great lengths to avoid objects or situations which they believe to be a cause of intense fear, which is often bigger in their mind than in reality.  If they encounter their fear, it can lead to deep anxiety and distress which, in some cases, can lead to panic attacks. In turn, the fear of a panic attack becomes part of the self-perpetuating ‘fear cycle’.

The cycle CAN be broken.

Hypnotherapy can get to the root cause of the phobia, which often stems from a childhood incident or observation, and works quickly to strengthen new pathways in the brain, which means that you can manage the object or situation of fear with a calmer response. There are many common fears and phobias, including:

  • fear of spiders and other creatures
  • fear of flying
  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of enclosed spaces
  • fear of open spaces
  • fear of needles, dentists or other medical procedures
  • fear of heights
  • fear of social situations
  • fear of germs or dirt

Of course, there are many other fears and phobias, but they all start as a learned behaviour and so can be unlearned.

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